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S1. Biota evolution, biomineralization and responses of ecosystems to environmental perturbations: from local to global, from short- to long-term

S2. Deciphering ancient paleoenvironmental perturbations and their impact on the marine ecosystems

S3. Marine geohazards on the continental margins of Italy

S4. The role of Italian scientists and educators in the International Ocean and Continental Drilling Programs: major achievements and new perspective

S5. Onshore and offshore Quaternary sedimentary processes and sequences in the Mediterranean regions

S6. The dynamics of sedimentary processes in coastal areas

S7. From analogue to digital geological mapping: opportunities and risks in the use of new tools

S8. Tectonic and sedimentation relationships in Mediterranean basins and belts. A tribute to Fabio Lentini

S9. Faulting and folding across the scales. How, where, and why the lithosphere deforms

S10. The role of shear zones in the tectono-metamorphic evolution of the lithosphere: insights from microfabric to mountain belt structures

S11. Tectono-metamorphic processes from micro-scale to plate margins: Geological, Geophysical and Petrological approaches in unravelling the evolution of metamorphic terrains in collisional belts

S12. Georesources and Energy for the XXI Century

S13. Outcrop analogues in exploration and production

S14. Integrated studies of recent and active deformations onland and offshore

S15. Tectonic and geodynamic control on large earthquakes and complex earthquake sequences: case studies from Italy and not only

S16. Mediterranean subduction zones: from deep mantle to shallow structure and volcanism

S17. Geodynamic evolution between the Variscan and Alpine orogeneses: clues from mantle features and magmatic events

S18. The nature of the crust-mantle transition and its effects on the regional tectonic and magmatic evolution

S19. Melt/fluid-rock interaction and migration from the mantle to the surface

S20. Magma genesis and transport

S21. Linking deep and surface processes: advances in volcanology from a multidisciplinary perspective

S22. Volcano Hazard Monitoring

S23. Minerals at non-ambient conditions: A Snapshot of the Earth and other planetary bodies

S24. Geomaterials: Nature, properties and technology

S25. Puzzle crystallography of inorganic structures. A tribute to Fiorenzo Mazzi

S26. Zeolites and porous materials: Unravelling the relations between crystal-chemistry, stability, structure and properties

S27. Environmental and medical mineralogy: from molecular to macro scale processes

S28. Mineralogy, waste management and environmental pollution

S29. Environmental pollution related to Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA) in serpentinites and other geo-matrices

S30. Geosciences for Cultural Heritages

S31. Mining sites: from industrial heritage to cultural heritage

S32. Cave and karst studies: from ancient to modern processes

S33. The contribute of Hydrogeology and Geochemistry in the study and management of the water resources

S34. Monitoring of deformation of structures and ground surface displacements

S35. Landslides: monitoring, hazard and impact on society and cultural heritage

S36. Landscape and Landforms: geoheritage in urban and natural areas

S37. Geoparks and geosites: tools for knowledge and protection of geological heritage

S38. History of geosciences and Geoethics: the right way for social responsibility

S39. Fifty years after the Belice's Earthquake. Considerations on geological, geophysical, geochemical, territorial and social aspects of this earthquake and its heritage in the connections between the Italian society and seismic catastrophes

S40. The role of abiotic and biotic soil components, environmental materials and factors, and physical evidence in criminal investigations, environmental crimes, and legal system

S41. Planetary evolution: insights from geological studies, meteorite analyses and terrestrial analogues

S42. Geosciences at school 2018: geoscience and society

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